Is there a way that I can add an image (company logo) to my email signature?

Please make HTML signature file and then import the HTML file into Nine.
Please refer to the video below.

Please remember that the image should be located at the place to be able to connect via internet.

If you have a ID, please use to store the image.

1. Upload image to
2. Share the image and then get the shared link
3. Put the shared link on your browser and open it in the browser
4. Click the right mouse button on the image and copy the image URL
5. Open the html signature file in the editor like notepad
6. Write down below to the text editor
<img src=””>
7. Paste the public link into the double quotation. That will be like below
<img src=”copied image url”>
8. Save file
9. Send an email to you with this signature file as attachment
10Import the html file into your Nine