Nine ways to

manage your

business and life

Keep your business
seamlessly in sync
wherever you are

Nine provides your mobile devices
wirelessly synchronized, encrypted
connection to your company servers or email
hosting services, so you can instantly access
up-to-date Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks,
and Notes when away from your office
or your home.

All-in-one solution
for mobile business

Nine is the solution for managing all your business
applications, including Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and notes, all in one place — the ultimate work tool for individuals and businesses to be more productive on mobile.

Provide robust
security for your data
on mobile.

Nine can provide the same robust security and
efficient management of the company's
employee data on the mobile environment and
integrate with various MDM solutions to
protect corporate data.

  • Nine - Email & Calendar

    Nine is a full-fledged email application for
    Android & iOS based on Direct Push technology
    to synchronize with Exchange family servers,
    as well as various IMAP servers. Only accounts
    supporting ActiveSync can use all features
    such as email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and
    notes, in the case of IMAP currently, it only supports
    email synchronization.

  • Nine Work Enterprise

    Nine Work is an enterprise mobile business
    email app that allows you to sync with
    Exchange Server using ActiveSync, based on
    Android Enterprise, and will also be offering
    products for iOS soon. Nine Work is compatible
    with MDM solutions such as
    AirWatch, MobileIron, Intune, Rubus,
    etc., which are based on Android Enterprise.

  • Email You can log in and sync your Exchange email account simply by entering your email address and password in Nine. Your Exchange account linked to Nine synchronizes Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts on the server. Data created in Nine is also synced to the server in real-time.
  • Calendar Nine Calendar allows you to manage your personal and company schedules, invite people to meetings, share calendars with them, and more. You can interwork your flagged emails to your calendar and tasks, and you'll also use a variety of features that allow you to keep track of coworkers' schedules and adjust meeting times.
  • Contacts Nine Contacts can be synchronized to mobile phone by synchronizing with the contacts of the server, which allows you to organize your contacts efficiently when handling your company work.
  • Tasks Nine Tasks allows you to interwork your mail and calendar, your To-do list, letting you manage and handle your To-do list from anywhere.
  • Notes Nine Notes can easily record work-related notes anytime, anywhere, allowing you to easily work with Nine apps such as Email, Calendar, and Tasks.


  • Michael Linenburger Michael Linenburger's blog:
    finally adding Nine to Ninja and
    1MTD-Outlook Courses
    Android "Nine" Videos Added to
    Ninja and 1MTD-Outlook Courses
  • Michael Pietroforte /
    founder and editor of 4sysops
    I think it is safe to say that
    Microsoft just snapped up the
    wrong Android email app.

    Not only is Nine a more powerful
    email app than Acompli, but it is also much better
    to Exchange and Office 365.
    Yes, Nine is THE Outlook app for
  • Tom Dawson /
    Editor-in-Chief of AndroidHeadline
    Nine is an Android app that
    offers up a good amount of
    customization and organization

    without getting too cluttered.
    With great Material Design look
    and feel Nine is a great app

    for those that want to make better
    use of their email accounts
    on mobile.
  • Derek Walter /
    a freelance technology writer
    Nine is much like Outlook in look
    and feel, but it offers a few more
    customization options.

    It also smartly integrates with
    your fingerprint lock, so your email
    will be doubly secure.