Please read this page carefully – NO REFUNDS will be given

We strongly recommend that you try the trial version of Nine with your Exchange server before purchasing a license. No refunds will be given for purchased licenses. Once you are satisfied that the trial version works, please purchase Nine. Each device on which you install and activate Nine with a volume license key counts against the number of licenses that you have purchased. For example, if you install Nine on a smartphone and a tablet, and activate each of these devices using a 5 license key, it will count as 2 devices against the limit of 5.

The license key will be automatically delivered to your PayPal email address right after purchasing your volume license. Sometimes, the email goes into a Spam folder. Please check your Spam folder. If you do not receive the email, please forward the email, which you receive from PayPal confirming your purchase, to . Once we have verified the purchase information, we will deliver the license key to you again.

If you reset your license counts, the key may be used to activate other devices. If you need to transfer your key to another device, please contact .

You should note that the license for the Android you purchased can't be transferred to the iOS platform. Therefore, the license you purchased can't allow it to use in other platforms, and it can be allowed in only the Nine apps you purchased on the corresponding platform.


This volume license only applies to Nine – Email & Calendar. To use the Nine Work app, you must purchase an Enterprise license. To purchase Nine Work licenses, please contact

Volume discount

Quantity Unit Price Total Price
1 $14.99 $14.99
5 $13.99 $69.95
10 $12.99 $129.90
50 $11.99 $599.50